Information for Patients

Information for patients

This page contains information to support various services provided by the surgery and the surrounding area. 


If you cannot find the information you require here then please call the surgery on 02920764444 were a member of our team will do their best to help. 

Requests from Private Providers


Policy regarding requests from private providers to take blood tests

North Cardiff Medical Centre follows the following guidance regarding requests for blood tests and other investigations by a private provider:


If a patient has chosen to pay for private healthcare because


  1. a) their treatment is not available on the NHS or


  1. b) they do not wish to be treated on the NHS


they are responsible for paying for all costs, including tests, and the private provider is responsible for managing every aspect of their healthcare (unless the patient chooses to transfer back to the NHS at a later date to continue treatment).


For that reason, private providers should not be asking GPs to arrange any tests that they deem necessary, and intend to use, to make a diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment with.


It is the private provider’s responsibility to arrange tests for patients whose care they are managing, and the patient’s responsibility to pay for them.


Policy regarding requests from private providers to start or take over prescribing medication

In addition to the above policy, the practice cannot prescribe on behalf of private providers nor continue to supply prescriptions which have previously been supplied by the private provider unless this is a medication which a GP would normally prescribe and the prescription is in line with local health board guidelines. We are not permitted to have shared care protocols with private providers.


Private consultants wishing to transfer patients to NHS care should directly refer their patient to the appropriate NHS service who will reassess and, if appropriate, take over your treatment. At the point that your care has been taken over by an NHS service, a request may be made by the NHS service to share prescribing responsibility with the practice. Our practice pharmacist will review and manage all such requests in line with the local health board guidelines.


Screening tests carried out by private providers which have not been approved by the UK National Screening Committee

The practice supports the national guidance which can be found on the RCGP website.


If you choose to have private screening tests or investigations that are not available or recommended by the NHS, you should ensure that you have the funds or insurance in place to cover the costs of any additional treatment or investigation that is incurred as the NHS may not cover these.

Survey — The UK Veterans Family Study

Survey — The UK Veterans Family Study

The UK Veterans Family Study is exploring the experiences of spouses/intimate partners and adult children (18+ years) of UK Armed Forces Veterans and we’re recruiting participants who want to share those experiences. We want to understand the support, situations, and environments that have had an impact on your family’s mental health and well-being since leaving the military. Your perspectives are important and can help the entire military community.


Who can take part?

You are eligible to take part in this study if: 1. You are a relative (e.g. spouse/partner, now adult (18+years) child) of a Veteran who has served at least one day in any branch of the UK Armed Forces/Reserve Forces, but no longer serves (or is currently serving only with the Reserves).


Please visit the following link to complete the Survey 

physio info

Stay Well this Winter - 2021

The Welsh Government (in association with Public Health Wales and Age Cymru) have produced a leaflet with tips and advice on getting out and about this winter. It also contains useful telephone numbers of organisations who can provide help and support.

Below you will find printable leaflets in both English and Welsh.

Alternatively you can visit Age Cymru for more information. 

English Leaflet

Welsh Leaflet


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Would you like to live a more active life?

Would you like to live a more active life?

Moving and being active has so many benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing

You may be wondering what the right level of activity is?

This can vary from person to person but generally something is better than nothing, and consistency is key


Click on the link below for NHS physical activity guidelines, exercise tips and fitness guides:

Remember, you should start any new activity gently and progress it gradually

National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS)

Are you interested in attending regular subsidised and supported physical activity at your local leisure centre? Self-refer on the link below:

Dewis Cymru

For information on activities happening in your local area

NHS Links


First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP)

Did you know that your surgery has its own Physiotherapy clinic that you can book directly into by speaking to the reception staff?

If you have a new or longstanding joint or muscle problems and want advice and information on how best to manage your symptoms or if you feel ready to be more active and want to discuss your options book an appointment today.

Death Certificates - Information for Relatives

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult time. We aim to support you through this process as much as we can here at North Cardiff Medical Centre. 

It can take some time to process and complete a death certificate following a death. A death certificate is a legal document and can only be completed by a doctor who has met the deceased or in discussion with a coroner. Not all doctors work full-time and sometimes the necessary doctor is not immediately available. If the certificate needs to be discussed with the coroner this process can sometimes take a few days. The surgery will ensure your death certificate is available as soon as possible but it is important that you are aware that is may take up to 5 working days. We will inform you when the certificate has been completed and emailed direct to the registrar.