North Cardiff Medical Centre Update

Message to patients March 23rd 2021


It is now one year since the Prime Minister imposed a national lockdown due to covid 19. During this time we have carried out 99201 consultations with 21457 of them face to face and have given 2235 patients their first covid vaccinations.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patients for their understanding about the changes we have had to make during this time. This has been a steep learning curve for staff and patients alike and has changed the way general practice is delivered. We believe it would therefore be helpful to share with you what these changes are and how we can all work together so that we can continue to deliver safe and effective medical care to all our patients.



Telephone first


All first contacts with the surgery should now be via the telephone rather than in person. Prescriptions and other paperwork can now be collected from the window rather than the desk. This is to reduce footfall into the surgery building to keep all our patients and staff as safe as possible.

Many consultations can be completed entirely over the telephone but if the clinician needs to see the patient in person then they will make arrangements for this to happen in as safe a manner as possible. It is to keep these patients safe, many of whom may be vulnerable, that we ask everyone else to use the telephone or the window.




If your clinician feels a photo will aid making a diagnosis then you will be asked to send one to our photo email address . Please make sure all photos are clear and clearly labelled with your name and date of birth and please do not send photos to this address without having made a telephone appointment. If you are asked to send a photo then please send it as soon as possible. If the photo is necessary for diagnosis and is not received during the session when you have made the appointment then you will not be contacted and you will in effect miss that appointment. You will need to make another appointment in a similar way as if you did not attend an appointment when all consultations were face to face.

PLEASE NOTE - any photos submitted without making a prior appointment will be deleted. This email is ONLY for images requested by our clinical team.  


Alternative options   

Like many other surgeries across the UK we have noticed an increase in later presentations of cancer symptoms so we need to encourage these patients to come forward earlier and make it easy for them to do so. There has also been an increase in consultations for minor conditions. Please be aware that every patient contact whether by phone, email or e consult needs to be fitted into an appointment slot with a GP and there are no more of these than previously, so please help us to help you by only asking for a GP opinion only when necessary. Please consider whether Choose Pharmacy, an alternative health professional or over the counter medication would be more appropriate. Information on these services is available via the links below:

"Choose Well" - NHS 111 service (for information regarding Choose Pharmacy)

"Primary Choice" - Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (to help patients take the best route to treat their condition)

Find your local Pharmacy

Find your local Optician

Find your local Sexual Health Clinic


We want the improved access by means of email and telephones to improve health outcomes for our patients but we cannot do this if this ease of access means our appointments are taken over with minor self limiting illness. Please help us to keep more appointments free for patients who should be presenting to a clinician, particularly those with serious medical conditions or cancer symptoms.


We hope this information about our new way of working is helpful and once again thank you for your understanding over the last year


North Cardiff Medical Centre Partners

Exercise with Type 1 Diabetes - 2021 Virtual Event

All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group (AWDIG) have teamed up with and funded Exercise for Type 1 Diabetes (EXTOD) to create an  all Wales virtual conference, split offer 2 half days. This conference will be delivered by 8 NHS Wales health care professionals and 8 EXTOD professionals.


Key info

  • When?

Saturday 20th March 9am – 1pm

Saturday 17th April 9am – 1pm

  • Where?

This is a virtual conference, register by clicking on the image opposite. 

  • Who?

There are 96 spaces for adults (18+ only) living with type 1 diabetes in Wales ONLY. Delegates must be on multiple daily injections or insulin pumps who exercise regularly or are planning to start to train for a specific event.